✨ Make your LEDs dance to music ✨

Music to Light!

LedFx transforms audio input into a realtime light show

No need to spend hours on syncing your LEDs to music – LedFx will do this all for you!

Extensible, Powerful

Stream audio reactive effects to a variety of networked LED strips

LedFx can control multiple devices and works great with cheap ESP8266/ESP32 nodes, allowing for cost effective synchronized effects across your entire house!

⚠ Photosensitive epilepsy warning – This videos contains rhythmic flashing lights

Open Source

A community driven project

Written by enthusiasts, LedFx is rich in features and compatible with other open source lighting software

How it works

LedFx is flexible and can be configured to a variety of use cases

This is a simple example, showing LedFx listening to the audio on the computer, and streaming over WiFi to an LED strip

LedFx has protocols to communicate with lots of different wireless LED strips

WLED is a popular software for ESP8266/ESP32 microcontrollers, bringing wireless connectivity to most LED strips


Windows, Linux and Mac platforms are supported

Easy installer is available for Windows

Advanced users can install from source (Python, GitHub)


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– Talk to developers

– Get support

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Monthly donations of any amount.

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We believe that everybody should have access to kick-ass lighting software for free

A few developers have devoted thousands of hours to LedFx, tirelessly delivering amazing new features to the public

If you would like to support the continued development of the project, please consider a donation 🥰


Pick up some incredible lighting hardware at the LedFx Store!

All products are 3D printed and assembled by hand. They come preinstalled with WLED, and look fantastic with LedFx.

Matthew has designed and built all the items available.