What is LedFx?

What LedFx offers is the ability to take audio input, and instantanously processes the audio into realtime lightshow to multiple LED strips/matrix.
No need to spend hours on end to program one song for your LEDs, as LedFx will do this all for you!

LedFx real-time LED strip music visualization effect controller using is a network-based devices (ESP8266/ESP32/Raspberry Pi 4) with support for advanced real-time audio effects! LedFx can control multiple devices and works great with cheap ESP8266/ESP32 nodes allowing for cost-effective synchronised effects across your entire house!

πŸ“‘ Quick start guide and documentationπŸ“–

Windows users can use the installer from here: https://www.ledfx.app/download/

Mac and Linux are also supported, though currently do not have installers.
For detailed installation instructions, see the installation documentation.

😍 Show me how to make one!

The below image describes a basic setup – LedFx running on PC, communicating with a WLED Device controlling an LED strip.

Computer running LedFxWindows 10, LedFx.exe
Networked device controlling LED StripESP8266 NODEMCU v3 running WLED
Addressable LED stripDC5V WS2812B 5 meters 60LED/m IP67
Power supply for LED Strip and ESP5V 10 amps LED Power Supply
Something to connect the wires together!Soldering iron/solder
  1. Build your networked LED Strip.
  2. Install LedFx.
  3. Direct computer audio output to LedFx.
  4. Start LedFx.
    • Your WLED devices should appear in LedFx, automagically configured and ready to go! πŸŽ†πŸ”₯
    • If not, on the left hand side, click on Device Management ->  Find WLED devices button, or Add Device to add them manually.
    • If they’re still not showing up, make sure they’re powered on and properly connected to your Wifi.
  5. Start using effects!
    • Click on the device, select an effect eg scroll(Reactive), and press Set effect button.
    • Your lights should now be reacting realtime to your music! Enjoy the show πŸŒˆ

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Github: Ledfx Pull requests are welcome. Once tested, contact LedFx developer community on Discord to discuss the next step.

Credits: Contributors-&-About